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The agencies Quaraouiwine Car car rental in Fes provides its customers with cheaper cars for personal use, professional and tourist with better value for money, secondly a diversified car park in good condition and a motivated and welcoming staff. Since your satisfaction is our goal

  • Car rental of major brands at the best price
  • Price displayed = price paid!

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With Quaraouiwine Car, your car rental agency in Fes you rent the vehicle object of your reservation and not the similar one (see the page Fleet Auto) because several car rental company that pass through price comparators exposes types of vehicles which they do not even have cheap to attract customers to book and pay online, the customer reserves his vehicle and in many cases on arrival at the airport is a surprise, the supplier offers him another vehicle that has nothing to do with the one reserved and if it passes several customers are blocked in front of a big franchise that asks the supplier to block on this credit card, with Quaraouiwine Car you only pay the amount indicated on the reservation in cash or by credit card on the spot and the franchise does not exceed 750,00 euro and if the credit card of the customer is blocked or the amount of the deposit does not pass, we have ns several solutions to propose to you because our objective is that you pass a good stay, that you return to us for your next visits in Morocco, that you advise us for your friends, your relatives or on the forums of cat.

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